Latest 2d work for comp class with the amazing Marshall Vandruff, lots of knowledge and fun in that class.

Don Quixote

This was a lot of work, but really fun, I may go back and work on a better low poly for this one, but for now, here it is.


I've always been attracted to mandolins, there's just something about the construction of this instrument that defines craftsmanship, so here's a rendition.


This week I worked on a human skull prop for a more organic approach to 3d modeling.

Steampunk Katana

This was a particularly fun prop to work on, & I really liked the end result, the original concept is by TamonteN, you can see it here on his DeviantART page:

Pan Ashtray

This was a very fun piece to work on, played a bit with mirrored geometry and textures.


I found an old photograph on internet of a native American, I instantly loved the reference so I just had to do a rendition,  and also I was able to tie it to school work so, here is the final digital product.
And here is the traditional under painting.

M73 Revolver

I just finished this baby, same as before, modeled in 3Ds Max, textured in Photoshop, and screen caps from Marmoset Toolbag.

Victorian Box

Well here it is the Victorian box, modeled in 3Ds Max, textured in Photoshop, and rendered in Marmoset

More Traditional!

Some oil paintings, an Illustration, and some process as a dessert

Moar Goodies

Well I have been working on more traditional pieces, for some reasons I am having much more fun with the traditional media lately.


Sketchbook class, more on the way!

Media I

Some images from the Media class

Figure I

Here are some more Figure drawings from the past months on the art department, thanks to the amazing teachers John English & Jane Radstrom